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Follow the Money (active from September 2024) is the enhanced non-commercial version of YC World, a tool developed by Youcontrol as a search and analytical engine that helps build and visualise company connections between counterparties and their environment. The current dataset contains information on more than 199.8 million connections, 27 million individuals and 43 million companies obtained from company registers in 26 countries. Currently, the platform is regularly used for due diligence, compliance, and risk assessments, as allows to uncover hidden connections and assess risks associated with political influence, sanctioned entities, and high-risk jurisdictions. As part of the BRIDGEGAP project, the tool will incorporate new data compiled by Transparency International as part of its Integrity Watch Projects, including information on Politically Exposed People and campaign donations. The access will be free of charge for vetted researchers, civic activists and journalists.

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  • Preserving the integrity of integrity measurement

    Preserving the integrity of integrity measurement

    Reputation-based metrics like the Corruption Perceptions Index have been crucial in pushing governments to act and keeping corruption on the global policy radar. But with new tech and digital tools, we can now…


  • Did corruption harm electoral results for the European Parliament?

    Did corruption harm electoral results for the European Parliament?

    There is evidence that the institutional corruption of the Qatar Gate (as the entire sub-committee of human rights has been exposed to favors and the outcome changed, this is institutional corruption by Harvard ethics standards) seriously subverted trust in the European parliament and might have influenced results of the EP elections. Recent evidence had already […]

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