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  • International Anti-Corruption Conference #IACC2024

    International Anti-Corruption Conference #IACC2024

    The 21st IACC, to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania in June 2024 calls all who fight for integrity and those who defend it, from all regions of the world, from the public and private sectors, civil society, media, academia and from younger generations to come together to define the necessary actions to counter the growth of the…

  • Call for papers: Historical Perspectives on Cross-Border Corruption

    Call for papers: Historical Perspectives on Cross-Border Corruption

    We are excited to announce a call for abstracts for the upcoming conference on “The History of Corruption and Anti-Corruption: Institutional Insights and Policy Instruments”, to be held in Barcelona over two days on October 07-08, 2024. This interdisciplinary conference is part of the Horizon Europe BridgeGap Project and seeks to explore the complex relationship…

  • Welcome to BridgeGap !

    Welcome to BridgeGap !

    Have you asked yourselves if corruption in Europe is on the increase, decrease, or comfortably stable? Or if our European directives and rules really make an impact? And why did globalization not manage to reduce corruption, despite unleashing more compeitition than ever before? BridgeGap is the kind of project which will answer such questions, using…