International Anti-Corruption Conference #IACC2024

The 21st IACC, to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania in June 2024 calls all who fight for integrity and those who defend it, from all regions of the world, from the public and private sectors, civil society, media, academia and from younger generations to come together to define the necessary actions to counter the growth of the global threats affecting us today.

This edition’s theme: Confronting Global Threats: Standing Up for Integrity

Thematic tracks

Plenary Agenda

June 18th

Opening Plenary: Confronting Global Threats: Standing Up for Integrity

Plenary 1 | Kleptocrats, Criminals, Traffickers, And Accomplices: It Is Time to Close Their Global Enterprise

June 19th

Plenary 2 | Defending the Defenders: Our Call, Our Last Frontier

Plenary 3 | Greed and Corruption: A Disease Accelerating the Global Environmental Catastrophe

June 20th

Plenary 4 | Ending Impunity: From Prevention to Enforcement

Plenary 5 | Building a Global Ethical Economy: Advancing Business Integrity and Its Leaders

Plenary 6 | Defusing The Trigger: Corruption, Global Insecurity and Violent Conflicts

June 21st

Plenary 7 | The Tech Revolution: Winning a Turbocharged Race

Plenary 8 | Democracy and Human Rights Under Siege: Tackling Corruption’s Darkest Side

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