Data Hub

BridgeGAP Data Hub will pool together comparative law repositories such as EU Compass, European Transparency Index, Follow the Money with search engines across newly interconnected databases and displayed transparently as a Data Hub. Providing end users the same investigation and analytical tools as the project researchers, inviting crowd-sourcing and offering online tutorials.  

European Transparency Index

Map visualisation and database with universal indicators of transparency for accountability, political finance, beneficial ownership and lobby registers.  

Media Capture Risk Map

Map visualisation with data from T-index, the Euromedia Ownership Monitor, the Media Pluralism Monitor, and YouControl, analysed in connection with the EU regulation on ownership transparency.

EU Compass on Anticorruption Law

An online comparative and interactive data repository, modelled after EUROPAM to show the variations in legal treatment of corruption crimes, comprehensiveness of criminal legislation (de jure) across countries and enforcement

Outputs of academic research

Outputs of academic research to be used in policymaking via policy briefs and reports.

Massive Open Online Corruption Course

MOOCC (Massive Open Online Corruption Course) is an educational resource targeted at university students, investigative journalists, government and civil society experts. The MOOCC will provide an introduction into anticorruption and training in the use of investigative and analytical tools created in the BridgeGap project.


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